Guardian Homes

Guardian Home Program.  The response to the doodles has been huge; I love my dogs and want them to have the best life.  To help ensure they are loved and are doted on and get lots of attention, I am looking for guardian homes for future dogs and will have Standard Poodles, Old English Sheepdogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Bernedoodles puppies and older dogs available for families that live within an hour or so from our kennel in Ramona, Oklahoma.  This is a really nice option for me and for potential guardian homes.

What this means to you is:

  • You get a free puppy
  • I pay for any breeding type vet bills (xrays, birthing issues, other misc. breeding expenses)
  • You pay for the regular vaccinations, food, etc.
  • After breeding age or if I choose to no longer breed them…I pay for spaying and they are your dog forever.
  • You are responsible for obedience training and properly socializing your puppy.
  • You are responsible for getting the dog back and forth to me for breeding/whelping purposes.

What it means to me:

  • Puppy gets a loving home with lots of individual attention.  Both while she is of breeding age, and after being spayed.
  • I can continue to build my breeding program and provide healthy puppies to other families
  • I get breeding rights for up to 4 litters  (so you must live within an hour) or 5 years of age, whichever is earliest – you bring the dog to me when they are in heat and when they are due to whelp – I will keep until puppies are weaned.

It will take the right families to do this successfully.  If you are interested,  please fill out the Reserve a Puppy form and in the comments state you are interested in Guardian program and whether you are interested in a standard poodle or sheepdog puppy.  I am working on a draft contract now that I can send to you for review.  I will need to have in-depth knowledge of you, your home, other animals you may have, etc.


Currently (fall 2021) I have Clover and Rumor who are female standard poodles that are looking for guardian homes. Likely I will have some opportunities for guardian homes for female bernedoodles in 2022.